HOD SCIENCES/MATHSMathematics is a compulsory subject as per KNEC requirement.  However, most students have a negative attitude towards the subject and lack pre-requisite skills in the subject.  As a department, we have put in place programmes and approaches to enable learners acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.

Our major aim is to demystify mathematics, motivate students to like it and aim very high in the subject. The commitment and dedication of the teachers who are putting a lot of effort in supervision of students and increasing contact hours is great.  This has resulted in marked improvement in the subject performance.  The learners have also acquired a positive attitude towards the subject.

Sciences – The subjects covered under science department are Physics, Chemistry and Biology.  They form the foundation for most of science oriented courses at the tertiary and university level.

Chemistry and Biology are compulsory while Physics is optional in form, 2,3 and 4.

To enable students enjoy the subjects and perform well, lessons are designed to be learner centered.  This is possible because all teachers in the department have undergone INSERVICE Training by CEMESTEA (SMASE Programme).  In every subject, we have subject champions who are teachers working closely with KNEC. 

The department has a membership of 17 teachers serving the 690 Boys.  They are:-

  1. Mr. Kennedy Bunyasi – Physics / Chemistry
  2. Mrs. Purity Nyaga – Biology – H.O.D
  3. Mrs. Catherine Njoroge – Biology / Maths – H.O.S.
  4. Mrs. Deborah Mutethia – Biology / Agriculture
  5. Mrs. Susan Maina – Chemistry / Maths – H.O.S. Chemistry
  6. Mrs. Lydia Nyaga – Chemistry / Maths – H.O.S. Maths
  7. Mrs. Caroline Kimotho – Chemistry
  8. Mr. Samuel Kimani – Chemistry / Maths
  9. Mr. Denish Nyagol – Chemistry/ Maths
  10. Mr. Enoch Aseto – Physics / Maths
  11. Mr. Polycarp Orinda - Physics / Maths
  12. Mr. Dominic Simiyu – Biology / hemistry
  13. Miss. Mary Mwende – Physics / Maths
  14. Miss. Milycent Libaisi – Biology / Agriculture
  15. Mr. Dan Omari – Maths / Business Studies
  16. Mr. Michael Ouma – Maths / Business Studies
  17. Mr. Yobes Munala – Maths / Physics – H.O.S. Physics

Teacher / student ratio is 1:46.  The teachers also prepare students for activities such as – symposium and science fair where our students have performed fairly well.  




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