The Technical Department is made up of six subjects namely:-

  •  Home science
  •  Computer studies
  •  Agriculture
  •  French (is under language department but taught at the same time with the other five listed)
  •  Art and design
  •  Business studies


In Form One, all students take Computer Studies and one other subject from Technical department.

In Form Two First Term, students are expected to choose only one subject from the technical department. Computer now becomes optional.

Three of the subjects namely, Computer studies, Art & Design and French have fewer students compared to the other three subjects because they require talent and creativity.


What is Art & Design? ... Any range or product of creative human activity can be defined as art. Most well associated are the visual arts - painting, sculpture, drawings, mosaic etc. The design is the preliminary planning, when the first seeds of what may become a great work of art are sown.

Art Students in a drawing lesson  Art Students in a drawing lesson

Art Students in a drawing lessonArt and design students are highly entrepreneurial and self-motivated, both qualities that you learn on your journey to becoming an artist. A qualification in art and design isn’t just about pencils and pictures; it also involves the art of collage, mosaic, sculpture, montage, painting, packaging and graphic design.  Good art and design students are inquisitive, creative, driven and open-minded – be sure to evidence these qualities in your personal statement and give examples of how they influence your work. Depending on your specialism, you may want to highlight specific skills for your chosen branch of art and design. At KCSE level, the subject has 3 papers. Paper 1 testing theory, Paper 2 Practical drawing and designing in 2 dimension and paper 3 testing on 3 dimensional skills.


Zabron Kamau Form 4 2020


Zabron Kamau (Form 4 2020 class) displays his painting







Home science is the science of a home and it includes all the things that concern the person, home, family members and resources. It is the education for "better living" and the core of this education is the family ecosystem. The term Home Science is comprised of two Cookery in home scienceterms i.e. Home and Science. The home is the place where family resides and science can be referred as the knowledge of facts, laws and various principles. Thus the combination of home and science altogether as a subject can be determined as the study which applies scientific knowledge in systematic way for improving the quality of family life and the home in which it lives. It is the subject related with all our daily aspects which include food, clothing, shelter, resources, health and services and thus draws various principles of art and science. these principles when applied further develop healthier and happy life.  

All in all, the Technical Department is very dynamic contributing immensely to the overall performance of the school mean.

The department has a work force of seven teachers. Namely Miss. Daisy Opiyo, Mr. Crispo Owino, Mr. Paul Mutemi, Ms. Millycent,  Mr. Bobson, Mr. Omari and Mr. Ouma 





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Senior Master / H.O.D. Boarding



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