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hospitalhill-high-school-1614937449.webpMr. P. Mutemi - Deputy Principal

School curriculum

Being Extra County, the school offers a wide range of subject choices ranging from foreign languages like French and Chinese to technical and creative subjects like the Art and Design, Home Science and Computer Studies.



The school has come up with its own code of conduct to govern individual students conduct as well as inter-personal relationship between the students, staff members, the school community and stakeholders.  The School encourages and rewards self-discipline where students are being trained on how to work and operate without much supervision from teachers. This is also being done through inculcating strong leadership skills in our student leaders through training and mentorship programmes that throughout the year. The office the deputy principal hangs on a very strong belief that discipline can only be tackled on a two way front i.e teachers and parents together and therefore frequently invites parents and guardians to sort out indiscipline cases that impede on the academic performance of the students and hamper harmonial co-existence in the school. This is especially when a student lacks self-drive and self-sacrifice.

It is important to note that being in school means denying oneself comforts and pleasures found at home and focusing on a sole goal – performance. Although, the school cannot boost of a very good performance in the very recent past, but we can promise our esteemed parents a very bright future in the coming years. ‘Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do." a quote from one of our African icons, the first black president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. Our desire is the dedication and the commitment that comes with it to make this school the pride of every parent.


Student Population

In the recent past, the school has experienced a student’s population explosion coming from population of 450 students in 2017 to the current population today. Although the better part of this population has come about due to the government policy on 100 % transition from primary schools to secondary schools, we must also thank a good number of parents from far and wide who have found confidence in us and transferred in a good number students especially in form two and three. Although this fast growth has brought out other infrastructural challenges that go with over population such as crowded halls of residence, crowded class rooms and so on, the key stake holders are determined to solder on un-deterred to make the school an icon of success.



Finally, I must thank and appreciate all the teachers, and members of the non-teaching staff and more so the school Principal Mr Ken Bunyasi for his stewardship this far. Above all we appreciate our Almighty God for His immense favours to this beautiful community and thank our Board of Management, the PA,sponsors,and students for making the dreams of
the founders of this institution a reality. You and I, we Aspire and Inspire


Paul M. Mutemi

Deputy Principal

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