hospitalhill-high-school-1615745594.webpMrs. S. Kithome - Dean of Studies

The Deans’ responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

-         Coordinating the development and implementing the School’s Academic Vision and Goals Statement;

-         Leading the School’s efforts toward achieving Its Academic Goals;


The school offers the following subjects

1. Mathematic.
5. Biology.
6. Physics.
7. Christian religious education.
8. History.
10.Business studies.
11.Computer studies.
12. Home science.
14.Art and design.
15. French.

At form one-third term, students are allowed to select subjects based on their areas of ability and interest in the following categories.
To decide to continue with physics or drop it, to at least choose two humanities and two sciences (i.e. Chemistry-Biology).


The school has adopted a rich curriculum that promotes the achievement of the National of Education Goals in Kenya which are infused in the teaching of different subjects in the curriculum.
Teaching Computer Studies, Agriculture, Home Science, Art & Design, and Business Studies enables the leaner’s to acquire knowledge that can be used effectively in future for self-economic gains and enhance self–reliance.
Special subjects like French and Chinese are geared towards assisting the student in nurturing their language skills which they can make use of in terms of job opportunities.
The department also deals with coordination of the implementation of the syllabus at different levels in the school.
It is also in charge of ensuring that appropriate methods are used in implementing the curriculum and testing the students for effective achievement to build an all-round citizen.
It is the desire of the school that by the time the student leaves Hospital Hill High School, he will be equipped with the skills and knowledge that makes him fit and competes fairly well with other students joining higher levels of learning in this country or elsewhere.
The school has adopted a vertical system where a subject teacher moves with the students up to the time they do their exams in form 4.




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