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The St. John Ambulance Association has a very rich and interesting history. It stretches all the way to the 7th century in around 600BC. A guy by the name Abbott Probus set up a sort of inn that was burnt down in the Christian-Muslim fracas of those early times.

The order of the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, which you know today simply as the order of St. John was actually established in 1099 AD by A Benedictine Monk, Blessed Gerard after the Christian forces recaptured Jerusalem. It was not easy, back then, to ensure the safety of the pilgrims as it was quite a lawless society. So the successor of Blessed Gerald, a knight by the name Raymond Du Pug added a military role to the duties of hospitallers (equivalent to modern doctors). This explains why currently the order of St. John is a paramilitary organization.


1856 – The order separates from Roman Catholic Church and becomes independent.

1872 – The first ambulance service started operating.

1877 – St John Ambulance Association formed.

1882 – St John Othalnoic Hospital in Jerusalem was formed.

1887 – St John Ambulance Brigade formed to train volunteers in First Aid.

1888 – Queen of England became the patron and sovereign Head of Orde of St. John

1922 – The St John Ambulance Brigade cadet movement was founded.

1987 – The St. John Badget’s movement was founded.

In Kenya the patron of St. John Ambulance is the current sitting President. Every year, St John school of first aid and safety (SOFAS) trains more than 14,000 people in disaster preparedness, para-medicine, firefighting, and first aid. The training has helped tens of thousands of people get the skills they need to help friends, family members, and even strangers.

St John continues to build on its reputation as a top provider of first aid and emergency medical skills by updating courses, providing instruction in new areas, and using new technology to help the public be prepared for emergencies.

hospital-hill-high-school-1673756334.webpCounty competition 2022


hospital-hill-high-school-1673756427.webpCounty competition 2022


hospital-hill-high-school-1673756482.webpSt. Johns Cadets 2022 


hospital-hill-high-school-1673756526.webpMr. Owino(Ass. Patron) with County Commissioners


hospitalhill-high-school-1614353135.webpSt. John County Competition 2019

Hospital Hill High School has a well-established St. John Ambulance Club under the Patronage of Mrs. J. Mosenya

With the support of parents, our boys have undergone training designed to help them cope with a wide variety of challenges they may face from the threat of an emergency. The school has also been able to host Nairobi County Competition for the year 2019 which was held in June. We would also like to appreciate parents who supported their sons to go for the 2019 August Holiday camp that was held at Sky line School in Limuru.

For parents who would like to purchase uniform for their son’s, the following are the uniform for St. John Ambulance available at St. John ambulance shop in town

  1. White Shirt
  2. Black trouser
  3. Black Socks
  4. Black Sweater
  5. Black tie
  6. Shoulder Flashes Cadet
  7. Epilates members
  8. Nursing Badge cadets
  9. Beret badge cadet
  10. Beret

I must thank and appreciate Ms. Nicole and Ms. Tete (officers from St. John Ambulance) for their tireless effort in training our boys and giving them the courage to participate in the Presidential parade that was held at State House Nairobi on 23rd. June, 2019.


Mrs. J. Mosenya

Patron – St. John Ambulance

Click on the link below to download the personal record form to be filled and submitted to school


hospitalhill-high-school-1614519770.webpNicole awards a certificate to Daniel, Cardet leader-2019

On behalf of St. John Ambulance Club, I would like to express our deepest appreciation to all those who provided us with the Financial and material support that made our end year get together party a success.  


Nicole Cake gift to outgoing cadets


A special gratitude I give to our outgoing officials under the able cadet leader Daniel Mureithi, whose contribution in stimulating suggestions and encouragement, helped the club to achieve a lot in the year 2019.

Nicole addressing the cadets

I would also like to acknowledge with much appreciation the crucial role of our trainer from St. John Ambulance, Ms. Nicole Domtilla Oloo, who availed herself throughout the training sessions and graced our end year party. She was accompanied by two officers from St. John headquoters: Ms. Chanutelle Wangechi and Ms. Anne Nduta.

A special thanks goes to all the cadets for their contribution towards providing the much needed first aid promptly.  The whole school now appreciates the role of St. John Ambulance Club as they fill up the gap of a nurse and caretaker in the field during games, the dormitory and while on school trips. We acknowledge one of our dear parent, Mrs. Florence Okello, mother to Brian Okello of 2B for the beautiful cake she baked for the outgoing cadets.

St. John Ambulance cakeSt. John Ambulance Club Party



Cadet leader Daniel hands over to Brandon under acting capacityJoseph, Sargent Administrator hands over to WesleyAlbert, Sergeant Trainer, hands over to IanSamuel Sergeant Finance, hands over to TyleneDaud, Sergeant Operations, hands over to BrianJesse, Corporal Trainer, hands over to Maestro


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