The much-anticipated inter-class soccer tournament came to an exciting conclusion before the closure of Term 2, with 2G emerging as the champions after a gripping final against 2B. The tournament, which had been a source of enthusiasm and friendly rivalry among the students, showcased both skill and sportsmanship, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Tournament Highlights: Throughout the tournament, students from various classes displayed impressive teamwork, dedication, and a true passion for the beautiful game. The matches were fiercely contested, showcasing the student's commitment to their respective teams and their desire to bring glory to their classes.

Semifinal Matches: The road to the final was not an easy one for either 2G or 2B, as they had to overcome tough competition in the semifinal matches. Each team showcased their unique style of play, making the semifinals a display of tactical brilliance and athletic prowess.

Final Match: 2G vs. 2B 

The final match between 2G and 2B was a captivating battle, with both teams demonstrating exceptional skill and determination. The atmosphere was electric, with students and teachers alike cheering enthusiastically for their respective classes. The match was a perfect culmination of the tournament, providing an entertaining spectacle for everyone present.

The Winning Goal: In the final moments of the match, with the score tied, a moment of brilliance occurred that sealed 2G's victory. A skilful pass followed by a powerful strike found the back of the net, leading to an eruption of joy from the 2G supporters. The winning goal was not only a testament to the individual talent of the players but also to the collective effort and spirit of the entire 2G team.

Sportsmanship and Camaraderie: While the tournament was competitive, it also emphasized the importance of sportsmanship and camaraderie. Players from both teams displayed respect for each other, and the students on the sidelines cheered and supported all the participants, creating a positive and encouraging environment.

Conclusion: The inter-class soccer tournament held before the closure of Term 2 was a remarkable event that showcased the students' passion for sports, their dedication, and the strong sense of unity within the school. Congratulations to 2G for their hard-earned victory, and kudos to all the participants for making this tournament a memorable experience. The event not only promoted physical activity but also fostered friendship, teamwork, and a healthy competitive spirit among the students.



The following is the top-class house that worn in the inter-class bull competition year 2022

hospital-hill-high-school-1669657577.webpMrs. Musembi celebrates with her class after winning the bull competition

Position 1 = 3B; Class Teacher - Mrs. Sarah Musembi

hospital-hill-high-school-1669657800.webpNyati House Members cutting the bull


Position 1 = Nyati House; House Mistress - Miss Maryjullie Achieng'

hospital-hill-high-school-1669657858.webpNyati House members


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