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The recently concluded ball games tournament at Machakos Boys High School on Saturday 13th April 2024 showcased exceptional talent and sportsmanship among schools from across the region. Among the standout performances was the remarkable display by the Hospital Hill High School handball boys' team, under the guidance of Coach Oscar Olulo. Their prowess secured them a position to represent the country and demonstrated the dedication and skill that define champions.


Hospital Hill High School Handball Boys' Team Dominance:

Hospital Hill High School's handball boys' team emerged as the undeniable champions of the tournament, displaying exceptional teamwork, precision, and determination. Coach Oscar Olulo's team exhibited a perfect blend of offensive prowess and defensive resilience, leaving spectators and competitors in awe.

Mr. Emmanuel Wabule, Mr. Kevin Sibweche, and Miss Gladys Kamau were the Teachers accompanying the team, whose support and guidance contributed to the team's success.


Impressive Performance Highlights:

1. Clinical Execution: The Hospital Hill High School handball boys' team showcased clinical execution in their offensive plays, with precise shots and passes that left opponents struggling to keep up.

2. Solid Defense: Their defence, coordinated by Coach Oscar Olulo, was impenetrable, with players working seamlessly to regain possession and thwart opposing attacks.

3. Strategic Adaptability: Coach Oscar Olulo's tactical adjustments during crucial moments of matches proved decisive, allowing the team to secure victories against formidable opponents.

4. Resilience and Sportsmanship: Throughout the tournament, the team displayed resilience and sportsmanship, earning the respect of their peers and supporters alike.

Accomplishments and Preparation for the East African Games:
While the team faced tough competition, their exceptional performance earned them the second position in the tournament. Their opponents in the final match, St. Luke's Kimilili from Trans Nzoia County, showcased impressive skill, securing the first position. Both teams will proceed to represent the country in the upcoming East African Games in Uganda, a testament to their talent and dedication.

As they prepare for the international stage, the Hospital Hill High School handball boys' team remains focused on rigorous training and strategic planning, supported by teachers Mr. Emmanuel Wabule, Mr. Kevin Sibweche, and Miss Gladys Kamau. With their eyes set on victory, they are determined to make their mark and bring honour to their school and country.


The success of the Hospital Hill High School handball boys' team in the Machakos Boys Ball Games Tournament is a testament to their unwavering dedication, skill, and teamwork. With the support of their coaches and teachers, they have earned the opportunity to represent the country in the East African Games, where they aim to showcase their talent on the international stage. Their journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes, highlighting the importance of determination, discipline, and sportsmanship in achieving excellence.


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