hospital-hill-high-school-1673327983.webpJack Khaemba - School Captain 2022

As the outgoing school captain, it is my pleasure to inform us that Hospital Hill High School is an institution to fall for. This position entails core values; hospitality, compassion, be a responsible and respectful person.  My role has been more than a badge, popularity, or fancy title but a chance to positively influence the students and even teachers and their time at our school. Our success and winning edge are neither in attitude nor in aptitude. We have registered a positive deviation in our academics and co-curricular activities. Ghosts from past knowledge and experience in the docket nominated to plans to lift the status of our school from previous predicaments are some of the issues that I have confronted within the four years with my student council. Kudos to my team where intervention has greatly alleviated our school in terms of discipline. Thanks to the administration led by our able Principal, Mr. Bunyasi, our two Deputies, and the Senior Teacher for mentoring my team to bring serenity to our school. The sanity we have left behind sets the benchmark for the generations to come.  My personal understanding of leadership is that it is a journey, not a destination. It is making a difference and being a different person that desires to see the difference by not underestimating our values as leaders. LONG LIVE HOSPITAL HILL HIGH SCHOOL! 


hospital-hill-high-school-1671107783.webpFrom Left: Jack Khaemba(School Captain) Emmanuel Njau(Deputy School Captain)


hospital-hill-high-school-1673328623.webpMuad Ahmed(Dorm/DH Captain) and Peter Atonya(Entertainment Captain) 




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