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It gives me much pleasure to introduce you to our Website. Hospital Hill High School is a public Extra-County Boys Boarding high school offering an 8-4-4 system of Education.

The School seeks to enhance its performance to ensure it attracts students nationally. To be able to realize its set goals; it being a boarding school. It has come with enormous advantages to students, teachers, and the entire community. It will for instance reduce students’ insecurity, increase academic time, reduce unnecessary costs on the parents, teachers, and support staff, and increase service delivery for better performance.

Hospital Hill High School embraces a unique student development model. It offers a complete schooling set, that inculcates culture, and education and facilitates a transition from a tender age to maturing adults and to skills attainment at a higher level.

The school management in its effort to rejuvenate the school and re-assert its place in society has embarked on embracing change and the face-lift of the school. This will improve the competitiveness and relevance of the school to the community and future generations.

Today, the world has become a global village with the enhancement of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Our students in Hospital Hill High School are introduced to computer literacy which is also offered at the KCSE level. Our facilities and activities (co-curricular) are organized to provide a recreational and enriching atmosphere for the healthy upbringing of our students.

We highly esteem the support from our parents and sponsors/well-wishers which would be difficult for us to scale higher and amidst many challenges of our modern society, we shall always strive to target all-around excellence. I, therefore, invite you to Hospital Hill High School, to be the second home of your son even as you read through this website.



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